Wind Tunnel

We have access to a low speed wind tunnel in the department of Aerospace Engineering. The open-circuit wind tunnel has a 60 cm by 60 cm test section with a maximum speed of 50 m/s.

Water Tunnel

We also have access to a 45 cm by 45 cm test section water tunnel with a maximum speed of 1.2 m/s.

Pulsatile Flow Simulators


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Time-Resolved Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

The time-resolved stereoscopic PIV system consists of 2 - high-resolution high-speed cameras (VEO 640S) and a high-speed laser with a pulse energy of 30 mJ/pulse at 1,000 Hz. Synchronization timing units, data acquisition and processing software from LaVision are available.

Force/Torque Sensors

Loadcells of varying load range and applications are available. Uniaxial, Biaxial, and six-axis force/torque measurement systems. Associated signal conditioning hardware for each of these sensors is also available. Custom developed LabVIEW software and National Instruments DAQ is used to interface to a computer.

Pulsatile Flow Sensor

Ultrasound based clamp-on transducer capable of measuring flow rates with a frequency of up to 100 Hz and a maximum flow rate of 583 cc/s (35 L/min). Associated signal conditioning hardware is interfaced with the computer via National Instruments cDAQ systems and LabVIEW

Unsteady Pressure Transducer

Differential pressure transducers and associated signal conditioning systems to measure a range of pressures for applications from aerodynamics to biofluids. This system is interfaced to a computer via National Instruments cDAQ and LabVIEW software.

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