Vrishank Raghav

Assistant Professor

Ph.D. - Aerospace Engineering - Georgia Institute of Technology

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Postdoctoral Fellow(s)

Prabakaran Rajamanickam

Ph.D. - Engineering Sciences - University of California San Diego

Prabakaran's field of specialization is fluid dynamics. He has worked on the computational and analytical aspects of reacting fluids for his PhD.  His current research focuses on the dynamics of rotary wings with applications directed toward windmills and helicopters. He enjoys reading and swimming.

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Graduate Students

Lokesh Silwal

Bachelors in Engineering - Mechanical Engineering - Tribhuwan University, Nepal

Lokesh’s research is on the interactional aerodynamics of multi-rotor configuration helicopters. He is working on the flowfield and performance characterization of one of the multi rotor configuration, coaxial rotors using experimental techniques. During his free time, he likes to play either soccer, tennis or guitar. He also likes to travel and hiking.

Abbishek Gururaj

Masters in Engineering - Aerospace Engineering - Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Bachelors in Engineering - Aerospace Engineering - University of Petroleum and Energy Studies

Abbishek's current research focuses on the development of a rotating frame of reference velocity field measurement technique to study the flow over the rotating blades. During his leisure time, he likes to read adventure and mystery novels, listen to classical music and watch documentaries on world history.

Karyle Munz

Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering (BME) and Minor in Physics - Auburn University

Karlyle’s current research focuses on the aeroacoustic characteristics of single and multirotor coaxial systems. The goal of his research is to decrease the acoustic signature of unmanned air vehicles. Through this research he hopes to solve some of the problems created by the increased prevalence of drones. Karlyle plays the piano in his free time, and trumpet for the Auburn Knights Orchestra. He also enjoys camping, hiking, and playing soccer.

Lalithya Kuntamukkala

Bachelors in Technology - Aerospace Engineering - Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India

Lalithya’s research is on the dynamic stall in rotor systems. She is currently working on developing a model for studying and prediction of Dynamic stall. In her free time, she likes to read, sketch and to watch travel documentaries.

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Paul Swiney

Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering - Auburn University

Paul is currently working on developing techniques for large-field volumetric flow measurements using helium-filled soap bubbles as tracer particles during particle image velocimetry (PIV) measurements. He is also working on analyzing the aerodynamic response of hawks to vertical gusts. In his free time, Paul enjoys fishing, hiking, and cooking, as well as playing with his border collie.

Bipin Tiwari

Bachelors in Engineering - Mechanical Engineering - Tribhuwan University, Nepal

Bipin was an Assistant lecturer in Kathford International College, Nepal before starting his graduate school at Auburn University. He is currently working on understanding the influence of flow characteristics like wall shear stress on the onset and progression of diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). In his free time he likes reading, playing soccer and table tennis, and also likes traveling and hiking.

Angela Porcar

Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering - Universitat Politècnica de València and The University of New Mexico

Bachelor’s in Arts – Classical Saxophone – Consevatori Velluters

Her research is focused on bio-fluid mechanics. She is trying to improve our understanding of cardiac valve diseases and how the cardiac flow is affected after the replacement of the aortic valve with artificial valves. In her free time she likes to read, do yoga, play saxophone and traveling.

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Undergraduate Students

Jordan Durrett - Aerospace Engineering